Live Resin belongs to the cannabis concentrates category. Unlike the majority of concentrates available for sale, we make it from freshly harvested plant material. We put the plant under subcritical temperatures prior to and during the extraction. Freezing a live cannabis plant allows us to preserve its entire terpene profile. Other types of concentrates use dry and cure flowers, which seriously compromises their fragrances. With live resin, the plant gets frozen right away after being collected —we then maintain these freezing temperatures throughout the whole extraction. This, in turn, captures the plant’s valuable terpene profile, keeping the original aromas and flavors inside the concentrate.

The Origins Of Live Resin

Live resin is relatively new compared to other forms of cannabis concentrates. The first time it was extracted was between 2011 and 2013 by a small group of Colorado-based growers who introduced it to the market. They created a special BHO extractor that operated on extremely low temperatures necessary for making the concentrate. Together, the growers came up with an extraction method that was capable of extracting concentrates that contained remarkable amounts of terpenes — much more than what typical extraction would yield with dried flowers.

vaporized in a vape pen. Vape pens are portable devices that come with oil cartridges attached to the battery. You can fill these cartridges with live resin instead of your regular concentrate. Here, things are even simpler. You simply screw the cartridge onto the pen’s battery, turn on the heating coil, and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.



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